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What Happened When St. Peter
Wanted To Remodel The Pearly Gates?


“One day, St. Peter decided that the Pearly Gates were looking a little worn around the edges and weren't as impressive in their grandeur as they used to be… they need to be remodeled. He consults with the Heavenly Council and after much deliberation, they finally decide to completely remove the old 'pearly 'gates and the surrounding ornamental gold fence and replace it with an all-new setup."

"An architect and designer were summoned to the council chambers, and after considerable discussion, the project plans were drafted in immaculate detail. With the plans rolled in a tube under his arm, St. Peter sets out for Hell to find three contractors to bid the job.”

Okay, so maybe that’s a little exaggeration—but then again, there is a reason that contractors are one of the most asked about and complained about industries at Better Business Bureau.

Almost everyone has a friend or acquaintance who had a nightmare construction story; where the contractor didn't show up, was constantly late, behind schedule, messy, unethical, and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, this is the reputation that far too many contractors share, and they generally leave a wide swath of destruction until they disappear, shut down and then simply re-open under a different name.

Top Shelf Construction was founded in 2002 with the stated intent of providing the highest level of customer service throughout the entire construction process. That is why I am on every job site, every day. If there is ever a problem, you talk directly to me… the owner, and your problem gets taken care off.

We are a professional construction company with dedicated staff and dedicated trade partners who always put the customers’ interest and project first. From the first meeting, every effort is made to provide you, the customer with realistic parameters to the entire construction process. No ridiculous low-ball estimates or unrealistic timelines. From potential start date, project duration, project budgets through completion all are delivered with "reality" in mind.

Our extraordinarily detailed budgets are prepared based on owner input and our experience in delivering quality construction projects “on time and on budget.” Why? Because there are specific costs associated with building or remodeling; we take the extra time and effort to detail every aspect of the construction process and provide you with a realistic scope of work.

Make no mistake; building or remodeling is an adventure, and an adventure that involves a constant series of decisions and consultations with owners, trade contractors, architects, engineers and suppliers throughout the project duration. The “lowest” price contractor rarely, if ever, delivers high quality service or a quality finished product. In fact, many times bids are manipulated to come in low and are exponentially increased during construction through “change orders." Less than reputable contractors know this, and it's exactly what they are counting on to make their profits.

That’s why I emphatically tell people that we are not the cheapest, we certainly aren’t the fastest, but according to our past clients we are the ABSOLUTE best.

Bret Gedryn – President

With a business degree from the University of San Diego, coupled with the ambition of becoming a high-end residential builder, Bret left the white collar market in 2002 to build Top Shelf Construction, Inc. from the ground up.

In 2011, with numerous accomplished projects, Top Shelf Construction, Inc. was awarded “Contractor of the Year” by NARI, National Association of the Remodel Industry, for an entire house remodel between $500,001 – $1,000,000.

Bret was born and raised in Willow Glen, Ca. Willow Glen is still where Bret and his family (Melinda, Brittany, Sydney, & Jake) call home.

Our motto is: Designing Dreams, Building Realities