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Remodeling Additions

Creating a home addition or adding a second story to your home can literally make all the difference in the world. It can take a home that you "like" and turn it into a home that you absolutely "love."

But traditionally, creating an addition to a home, or making a substantive remodel, required an extensive list of professionals. First you needed an architect to draw up the plans, then a contractor to interpret and built out the plan, suppliers to provide the raw materials, and the list goes on.

Needless to say, most homeowners tasked with juggling all of these points of contact and making sure they were all talking to one another is a monumental task that creates a great deal of anxiety and stress. For example, an architect just draws up the plans but it is the contractor that will determine the price.

But what happens when the cost of the project far exceeds your budget? Well, either you give up on the project or it’s back to the architect to amend the plans and this is where "compromises" are made. This costs money and takes time and worse yet, you are stuck in the middle trying to convey to the architect what the contractor said… but worse still, you lose your vision to the realities of construction.

Inevitably, there are cost over runs, time lines are missed and budgets are blown and you wind up with a remodel you absolutely do not love.

There is a better way.

We specialize in turning dreams into reality. Just tell us what you want. Using our state of the art technology, our decades of experience, and our team of experts we can create the perfect addition to your home without any of the stress, worry, or "blown budgets."

We combine all the services and expertise of the contractor, the architect and the designer into one unified service. That means, that right from the start you will know if something will work or not work… all before construction even starts. There is no miscommunication and you only ever have to talk to one person…ME.

The End Result: An Absolutely Stunning Final Result That you Love. So don't wait, call Top Shelf Today and let's get started on your dream, today.