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If You’re A Victim Of A Disaster, DO NOTHING – Not Until You Read This.

Before you do anything you need to call us.


I know what you are thinking – why in the world should I call you? It's because after a disaster strikes, most people are bombarded with offers to fix the damage. The problem is that so many times, homeowners don’t know the extent of the damage, what the cost of repairs should actually be, and whether the insurance will even cover the damages.

To put it bluntly, you're going to be bombarded by less than reputable—so called contractors—who will promise you the world… what you wind up getting is heartache, frustration, and worry.

Let me explain.

After a disaster strikes "storm chasers" descend on the area like locusts. Here are two great articles (out of thousands) that do a great job of explaining the problem.

Be wary of storm chasing contractors

Storm chasers masquerade as local home repair companies

What You Need Is A Dedicated Team of EXPERTS.

That's why you need to call us. We are not a "chuck-in-a-truck" remodeler that always seems to show up right after a disaster. We are an established member of the community with an established home remodeling / repair business with decades of experience.

Furthermore, we are known throughout the community and have long standing relationships with insurance agents and their parent companies. We are TRUSTED and RESPECTED by these companies and that trust and respect goes a long way in getting your home back to you fully repaired and in a timely manner.

Bottom Line: Let us use our vast experience and knowledge to make sure that you get EXACTLY what you deserve in a timely fashion at the RIGHT cost.