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A Renovation IS NOT A Remodel…

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Remodeling a home is a lot easier than renovating. Unfortunately, many home remodelers think they can renovate. It isn't until the damage is done that you realize you were both wrong.

Renovating a home is more art than science. In essence, what you are trying to do in a renovation is to capture the intent and vision of the original designer and architect and bring it back to life. This is easier said than done – it literally takes years to learn and even more to master.

When you are renovating you just can't rip something out and start from scratch. A great example of what I am talking about is windows. If you're ever in the Hensley District, you can see for yourself exactly what I am talking about. The architectural and artistic details of the windows on some of the homes is incredible. In a home renovation, you NEED to maintain as much of the original architecture and design as possible.

How you do that, on not just windows but the whole house, is what takes years to master. Simply stated, anybody can rip out a window and stick in a new one. It takes highly skilled master craftsmen and artisans to "restore" a home to its grandeur.

Bottom Line: we've been doing renovations in some shape or form for decades. We know the intricacies involved and we GUARANTEE and absolutely stunning final result. To learn more I invite you to read about our services below.


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