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Excellence Does Not Happen By Accident… It’s By Choice.

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Excellence Does Not Happen By Accident…
It’s A Matter Of Choice.

Top Shelf Construction

Excellence Over Expediency. It’s Just How We Operate.

How many home remodelers have I met that would willingly turn down business if they felt like they could not give the homeowner the extraordinary quality and service they deserve?

In my 12+ years in the industry, I have not met many.

The fact is many remodelers constantly run from bid to bid looking for that next job. That means they don’t pay enough attention to the existing jobs they’ve already have. I have seen poorly managed jobs, sub-contractors cutting corners to pad their profits, and part-time work being done for a full day’s pay.

I decided to start a construction company that was truly different, so I created Top Shelf Construction with one goal in mind: To provide the absolute best experience and service of any remodeling company… PERIOD.

I ABSOLUTLEY will not take on a client if I can't deliver the excellence I promise. I also categorically refuse to rush a job just to get it done. I won’t use marginal material and hardware to save money. I won’t skimp and hire day laborers over master craftsmen for installation and I never – ever – settle for marginal work.

I guess you could say that I always choose excellence over expediency.

That is why I can guarantee you a fanatical attention to detail, an extraordinary responsiveness to your needs, and an absolutely stunning final result. To find out more about how we deliver the best remodeling experience you'll ever have just read below.


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