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Top Shelf Construction

Is it me… or is customer service actually getting worse in this country?

Have you ever walked into a store to buy something, looked around for some help… and found NO ONE? Then, when you finally do track somebody down, you realize they actually know less than you! And we’ve all experienced terrible customer service over the phone – talk about frustrating.

Here’s the bad news: It’s even worse in the construction industry. Contractor’s failing to show up on time—or not at all… failing to keep customers updated on progress, not answering or returning phone calls… or worse. It’s insulting, infuriating and disrespectful.

At Top Shelf Construction you will get nothing less than exceptional customer service.

In fact, we’ve created a special “client portal” that allows you to log in – at any time – and track every single line item of your home remodel—the job status and the cost—down to the last penny. You’ll never have to guess where your hard-earned money is being spent. All the answers you need are literally at your fingertips… all the time.

And if you prefer old-fashioned human contact… if you can’t find answers … or if there is even the slightest problem… you don’t call an answering service, computer, or receptionist. YOU CALL ME. PERSONALLY. I never avoid calls; I never give customers the runaround. And I certainly won’t lie to you. I just fix problems.

BOTTOM LINE: No Wondering, No Worry, & No Stress. With Top Shelf You will always know what is going on 100% of the time.