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We’ve all heard remodeling horror stories—lots of them! It’s gotten so bad that there’s even a reality TV show—right here in California—about catching bad contractors in the act. It’s infuriating. Why can’t homeowners just hire a contractor and get what they pay for?

The reason is simple: over 80% of a remodeling project occurs where you can’t see it. That means it’s very easy for less-than-reputable contractors and sub-contractors to cut corners without you ever knowing it. After all, once the wall goes up who's going to know?

I believe that you should never have to worry or stress about your project. But that’s only possible if your contractor is on the job site every single day; paying attention to every single little detail. No detail is too small, even a 1/32 of an inch mistake can have disastrous results. That’s what 12+ years of experience has taught me.

I am on the job site every single day, inspecting everything.

I firmly believe homeowners should get more than “just what they pay for.” So I make sure everything is installed to perfection, that nothing is left to chance and that my clients get the absolute best value for their money… PERIOD.

We must be doing something right. Over 400 home owners—and counting—have trusted me with their homes. In fact, many of my clients are so happy they’ve volunteered to give you a personal guided tour. You can find their names and numbers (and instructions of how to contact them) by clicking here.

Bottom line: No one is going to be more obsessive or obstinate about a home remodel than I am. The end result will be a worry-free, flawless remodel that you will absolutely love.