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The Difference Is That An Estimate Is
Not Worth The Paper It’s Written On

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Many companies like to TALK about their "FREE" estimates. It’s one of the ways they are hoping to get you to call them – and to sign a contract.

But the stark reality is that an estimate is not worth the paper it’s written on. Why? Because there are just entirely to many variables that need to be addressed and accounted for – like what light fixtures do you want, or light switches, door handles, hinges, counter tops, fixtures, and the list goes on. Each and every one of those items – and more – will directly affect the bottom line price you are going to pay for your remodel.

Here is a great example of what I am talking about. Just take a look at something as simple as light switches. Most of your "remodelers" will use a vague term like "replace light switches" on their "free" estimate. Then they will proceed to quote you a ridiculously low price.

Sure, a standard 15 amp single-pole toggle light switch can be as cheap as $0.78 per switch. But, they are unattractive and outdated – so many homeowners like to upgrade. But what kind of upgrade do you want? Do you want a single pole, large soft-touch light switch? Those switches can run about $12.50 a switch. But what if you want a larger-watt, multi-function light switch with a dimmer? That can run upwards of $50 a light switch. Now multiply that price by the number of switches you want, and you can easily see how much that “estimate” is going to change when you get down to figuring out and getting EXACTLY what you want.

This, unfortunately, is where comprises start taking place. It's why so many homeowners wind up with a remodel that they absolutely do not love and that they paid way too much money for.

That is why we absolutely refuse to do “FREE estimates.” The reality is that an estimate is more like a “guesstimate” that many home remodelers use as a tool to get your business.

We think that is a terrible way to do business, and it is why we perform meticulous and thorough work proposals. We call in experts like engineers, master carpenters and architects. Because by the time we are done – the price we quote is the price you pay… PERIOD. The only way our price will change is if you specifically request a change order.

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t be fooled by cheap “low-ball” estimates. Call us for a real quote and get the EXACT remodel you have been dreaming about – for the EXACT price you were quoted.